What Do Owners Love About Evolve?

The Evolve Team
The Evolve Team
February 20, 2014

The Evolve Team is passionate about helping owners succeed in renting out their properties, and our owners love when we perform for them. We thought it would be fun to post some of the wonderful notes and testimonials that we’ve received from owners. A big thank you to all of our owners for making Evolve such a rewarding place to work!

“With Evolve we only pay a fraction of what we would pay for someone else to manage our property and we are so pleased with the way our home has performed. It has enabled us to purchase two more cabins and when they are ready to go we will not hesitate to use Evolve! -Randy & Freda Higgins, Gatlinburg, TN

“The Evolve Team has been an invaluable partner in our vacation rental venture for over 4 years and, I must say, we could not have asked for a more perfect union! We began renting out our vacation home as a way to cover its expenses and, after diligent research, decided to enlist Evolve’s services. Thanks to Evolve’s seamless platform, each associate’s unparalleled professionalism and industry knowledge, and excellent service ethics, our home generated over $30k in the first year. We have progressively and substantially increased our annual income and were able purchase a second home in the area in our third year! Despite the many vacation rental competitors in our area – over 300 homes advertised online – we have achieved astounding success! –Stephanie K., Lake Arrowhead, CA

“The staff has been very supportive! We would recommend Evolve to any owner who is seeking reliable reservations, an easy payment system and reasonable fees.” -Jim & Laurel Whillock, Kailua-Kona, HI 

“Within a few weeks of joining Evolve, my property was booked to over 80% occupancy during ski season. If I didn’t know the prior year’s performance, I might be tempted to write it off as a photogenic home that attracts travelers. But having spent two years with a property manager, it’s obvious there’s much more to it than that.” -Ryan Hart, Breckenridge, CO

“After many years of giving up almost half of our rental income to a local property manager with poor results, I found Evolve’s website while searching the internet for a better option. Within a very short amount of time my property was beautifully listed and the reservations have been consistently pouring in! Financially, this has been the best choice we have ever made with our property’s rental program. The Evolve Team has been absolutely delightful and very easy to work with, and any questions or concerns are always answered in a timely manner.” -Sharon N., Branson, MO

“I am so happy I joined Evolve. I’ve owned a rental for several years and now it’s working for me. I’ve quadrupled my monthly rent income! And Evolve makes it so easy! They created a beautiful web page just for my house and manage all the technical stuff that I couldn’t have done myself. And there is always someone there to answer my questions or give advice. I am very grateful for their help and support and have recommended them to my friends.” -Annette C., Tropic, UT

“We are first-time renters of a vacation home that has been in our family for decades. From the beginning it was clear that Evolve had our best interest at heart. Their openness and honesty is what ultimately sold us and it is the quality that continues to reinforce that we made the right decision. Upon signing up, Evolve assigned a success manager who has been incredibly helpful and thoughtful in advising us. They helped put together the website, advised on photography to best show our property and then creatively developed the text from an easy to fill out questionnaire. Our property went live and booked its first guest on the same day. We would recommend Evolve without hesitation.” –David H., Park City, UT

“My wife and I truly appreciate your efforts in booking our property, you certainly have made this a success. We could not possibly have attracted such quality guests without the efforts of your team.”  -Stephen & Christine B., Las Vegas, NV

“Deciding to work with Evolve to rent our home has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made! From the very beginning, we were met with tremendous professionalism, superb attention to detail, and excellent advice and guidance, which has continued at every single step along the way.” -Kathy D., Alma, CO

“I came across Evolve’s website during an internet search, and the services described were exactly what I was looking for. I love Evolve! Everyone has been wonderful. From putting my listing together, to helping me decide on what to charge, and dealing with renters —  I couldn’t imagine having to facilitate the rental process, collect the fees, etc. It is just so easy with Evolve. People book, and the money shows up in my account.” –Tracy L., Port Austin, MI

“The team at Evolve is very professional, an obvious leader in their field with a passion for customer service. Their owner website is easy to follow and a CPA’s dream. The booking results have been impressive, proving that Evolve knows how and where to market my listing to the best effect. Would I recommend owners or travelers to use Evolve? Only if you want satisfaction in all aspects of your experience!” – Jon H., Hilton Head, SC

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