Here’s How to Know If You’re a Good Fit for Evolve

The Evolve Team
The Evolve Team
June 5, 2023

Wondering if your home is a good fit for Evolve? 

First things first: your property has to check all the boxes as a legal vacation rental. Connect with local, city, and state officials to make sure your home has the proper permits and meets local regulations for short-term rentals.

Once you’ve confirmed compliance, it’s time to find a management company that’s right for your property. For many owners — tens of thousands, in fact — Evolve is the best fit for vacation rental services. We’re here as a partner to support you through every stage of the vacation rental journey. So whether you need help buying, managing, or even selling — we can help maximize your business for our industry-low fee.

To decide if you should use Evolve, consider whether you meet the criteria and share the same objectives outlined below. If it’s all sounding like you, our partnership could be a good match.

Eager to chat with our experts? Get started today by telling us about your property, goals, and past rental experience. It’s OK if you’re starting from scratch!

In This Article:
You Own the Type of Home Evolve Works With
You Want to Maximize Your Revenue with a Holistic Approach
You’re Ready to Have Experts Make Your Listing Shine
You Plan to Rent Your Home As a Business
You’re Interested in Growing a Portfolio

You Own the Type of Home Evolve Works With

We only offer services for traditional vacation rentals — properties that have:

  • Their own entrance
  • A kitchen*
  • At least one bathroom* 

*To meet Evolve’s vacation rental requirements, your home must have a full kitchen or kitchenette. That means it must have a sink separate from the required bathroom sink, a hot plate if there is no stovetop, and a refrigerator. The bathroom must also be attached to the property. Separate bathroom structures, like outhouses, are not allowed. 

Then, if your property is one of the types of homes that Evolve works with — like those listed below — you’re likely eligible for our services:

  • Houses
  • Cabins 
  • Apartments 
  • Condos
  • Townhomes
  • Tiny homes** (if meets all requirements)
  • Shipping containers** (if meets all requirements)
  • Mother-in-law suites or basement apartments (if meets all requirements)

**If you have a shipping container or tiny home, it must be secured to a concrete foundation or pilings, be connected to running water and plumbing, have a solid front door, and have a private bathroom with a shower.

There are also certain types of properties we do not work with. It’s important to keep the following disqualifiers in mind when evaluating whether your home is a good fit for Evolve: 

  • Private rooms within a home 
  • Non-deeded timeshares 
  • RVs, mobile homes, and tent sites
  • Homes without a full kitchen or kitchenette
  • Homes without an attached bathroom
  • Homes without two sinks (one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom)

You Want to Maximize Your Revenue with a Holistic Approach

Owners who work well with Evolve want to use a revenue strategy that takes ever-changing market variables into account, setting pricing and policies that can drive short- and long-term success.

The key components of our holistic approach to revenue optimization include:

1. Market-Driven Decisions to Stay Current

One big piece of the revenue puzzle is using historical trends, current market data, expert insights, and advanced technology to shape important decisions that can maximize your revenue potential. For us, this means collecting billions of data points about your area and adjusting pricing and policies daily to help your rental win bookings at the best rates possible. 

For you, this means being open to the fast-paced strategic decisions our experts make to put you in the strongest earning position — all within a framework you set based on your personal goals. That includes parameters like your Absolute Minimum Rate, the pricing floor you choose for your property that we’ll never dip below. It’s this component of our partnership — Evolve’s data-backed optimization picture painted within owner-set bounds — that helps build trust in our approach.

2. Dynamic Rates to Stay Competitive

Owners who fit best with Evolve understand that rates can’t stay the same throughout the year, season, or even week if you expect to grab the most rental revenue. Variables like economic trends, seasonality, home size, and amenities offered all have a big impact on market demand and the ideal daily rate for your property.

Dynamic pricing — a tactic that involves adjusting rates frequently based on the local market — is the key to staying competitive in any landscape. And while strategy may look different while you’re ramping up your listing than it does once you’re established, this approach sets you up for both immediate success and long-term profitability. 

This is the approach Evolve takes. Our revenue experts utilize exclusive SmartRates technology to gather industry data and fine-tune rates every day, maximizing your revenue potential (without stepping foot outside the lines you establish). It’s what’s allowed us to help owners earn 36% more revenue per property than the market average.

3. Flexible Policies to Encourage Bookings

Our data has shown that flexible policies make guests more likely to book, and can help fill open dates on the calendar (especially if you’re trying to grab bookings last-minute). 

That’s why we watch the market carefully, and make policy changes (like how much time a guest has to cancel, or the minimum number of nights they can stay) where insights reveal that an adjustment could help you drive more success. So, if you’re open to staying nimble around policies to benefit your property’s performance in the long run, Evolve could be right for your vacation rental. 

Of course, we still work within that set framework. This also includes your Absolute Minimum Stay, the lowest number of required nights for your property that we’ll never go below. Just like rates, owners can’t change minimum requirements for guests on a day-to-day basis. But this parameter is similarly in place to make sure our tactics always stay aligned to your goals. 

Group size and pet policies should be considered carefully, too, since they’re great opportunities to build value for guests. Being pet-friendly, for example, broadens the pool of eager travelers your home could appeal to, and may earn more bookings and great reviews.

You’re Ready to Have Experts Make Your Listing Shine

Evolve owners thrive when they trust us to showcase their home accurately and effectively. We promote homes across all the major sites, and work directly with each of those companies to unlock exclusive insider intel on what helps your home show up in guest searches and stay competitive. From listing best practices to the newest feature updates, our experts know how to strategically market your property to get the most eyes on it — and bookings on your calendar. 

We also limit certain listing changes to keep your home’s search performance a top priority. As an owner, you’ll play an important role in making sure your listing is always up to date and matches what your home has to offer, so guests can rest easy knowing that what they see is exactly what they’ll get when they arrive.

You Plan to Rent Your Home As a Business

Our vacation rental services are ideal for owners who treat their property as a business to continuously earn passive income. The revenue strategies we apply work best with an open, accurate calendar (meaning minimal dates blocked for personal use), so we can create more opportunities for earnings. 

Availability can also impact search rankings on major sites like Airbnb. And while you can always block your calendar for personal use of the property, having at least six months of available booking dates per year is ideal for your rental’s success. Plus, the more open dates you offer, the more likely your listing will meet a guest’s criteria, show up in search results, and have a chance of being booked. 

Turning a second home into a vacation rental business is a great way to build a strong revenue stream. Here’s how to transform yours.  

You’re Interested in Growing a Portfolio

We offer more than just vacation rental management, and have helped thousands of owners scale their business in a way that works for them. Owners are a good fit for Evolve if they have an entrepreneurial spirit and hope to expand their portfolio — whether that’s next month, next year, or later down the road.

If you need to shape your investment goals, identify the right market to buy in, or understand the profit potential of a home, we have the resources and experience to equip you for success. 

When it’s time to buy, we can connect you with expert agents and trusted lenders to help close any deal. Plus, we have properties for sale that are already vetted for vacation rental potential.

If it’s time to let go of an existing property, we can even help you sell to make room for one that better suits your goals.

The best part: these are only some of the vacation rental services we offer — and they come at no additional cost to Evolve owners. It’s all included in our industry-low management fee. 

Find Out If You’re a Fit for Evolve

We’re committed to supporting owners at every stage of their vacation rental journey — and the first step is deciding if we’re a match. 

Owners who are a good fit are open to suggestions and guidance that can help them outperform the current market, even if they have experience in the vacation rental industry. We approach vacation rental differently than others — offering proven expertise and services for the lowest fees in the industry — and it’s how we’ve generated over $3 billion in rental income for our more than 30,000 owners. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the work it takes to see vacation rental success — or are ready to make reaching your goals simple and strategic — it’s time to chat. Take a quick minute to tell us more about you and your property by filling out the form below.

Vacation Rental Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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