How Does Vacation Rental Channel Marketing Work at Evolve?

The Evolve Team
The Evolve Team
August 28, 2023

To compete in today’s constantly-changing vacation rental industry, listing your property on multiple sites is crucial for capturing as many bookings as possible. But with nearly 80% of owners listing their home on just one site, most miss out on the revenue-boosting visibility that comes with multichannel distribution — also known as vacation rental channel marketing. 

This profit-driving marketing tactic can help owners earn up to two to four times more annual revenue, but it requires a keen eye on many moving parts. That’s why Evolve’s vacation rental channel marketing strategy is designed to juggle all of the time-consuming tasks involved in promoting your home across all the top booking sites

Before diving into exactly how it works, let’s look at the major benefits of having your listing everywhere travelers are looking.

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to grow your portfolio, Evolve’s vacation rental channel marketing strategy can help your home shine. Take the first step toward success and see if you qualify today.

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Evolve’s Vacation Rental Channel Marketing Strategy
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Why Channel Marketing Management Matters

To capture bookings, drawing interest from multiple types of travelers is the name of the game in the vacation rental world. To truly maximize your home’s performance, you need strong channel marketing that effectively manages your listing across booking sites. This should:

  • Streamline listing maintenance, keeping your property details up-to-date so guests know exactly what to expect — no matter where they’re searching

  • Keep availability consistent to avoid double bookings, missed opportunities for rental income, and poor guest experiences that result from inaccuracies

  • Increase your revenue potential by boosting visibility to a variety of travelers booking on different sites

  • Earn guest’s trust via timely communication and five-star hospitality, creating more interest and demand for your rental

And yes, it is possible for owners to list on some booking sites independently. But not all of them, as some require owners to work with a management company like Evolve. Going the DIY route can also be extremely time-consuming, and it’s all too easy to let important steps fall through the cracks. So, let’s look at how Evolve steps in to speed things up without missing any of the important details.

Evolve’s Vacation Rental Channel Marketing Strategy

Part of listing a vacation rental on multiple sites involves understanding each site’s unique offerings and best practices for peak performance. When Evolve manages your home, we use a vacation rental channel marketing approach that’s high-tech with a human touch. That means our team constantly analyzes insights from both in-house data and our industry partners to make sure your listing is fully prepped for success everywhere it’s promoted.

This applies to the professional photography we provide, the dynamic revenue strategies we create, and the listing details we stay on top of because they’re well known to help boost performance. Things like:

  • Amenities. What are the top-searched amenities on that site, so we can prominently promote the ones your home offers and make sure your listing shows up when respective filters are used? 

  • Language. Are there certain word choices that increase your listing’s visibility? Or limitations that could result in your listing being taken down from that site?

  • Policies. Are your listing’s policies, permit numbers, and other regulations consistent and available to guests across all sites (if applicable) to avoid negative reviews due to lack of transparency? 

  • Photos. Does your listing meet the site’s minimum photo count requirement? Are your photos high enough quality to rank well in search results? And does each image accurately represent the property? 

We use all of this intel to boost your rental’s visibility via their search engines and algorithms. This all adds up to deliver increased visibility, more bookings, and higher earnings for Evolve owners. 

Now, here’s a deeper look at how our partnerships with all the top players unlock your door to success.

Benefits of Evolve and Airbnb’s Partnership

Evolve’s relationship with Airbnb can put your vacation rental in front of 150 million potential guests every month — usually those chasing a unique experience, and sometimes with Fido in tow. Our team works closely with Airbnb to tailor listings to ongoing data insights that can pique a guest’s interest and ultimately convince them to book (like offering appealing policies or emphasizing a top amenity based on location).

Because Evolve is a trusted industry partner to Airbnb, Evolve owners also reap the benefits of prioritized support. This could include early access to new product launches or guideline rollouts — like Airbnb’s party policy and other platform improvements to the guest’s experience — giving us exclusive market insights that help put your listing ahead of the competition.

Perks of Evolve and Vrbo’s Partnership

Evolve and Vrbo team up to offer high-quality vacation homes to travelers who are, for the most part, interested in longer stays than what you might see booked on other sites (or traveling as a family). In 2022 alone, for example, Vrbo saw a 68% increase in stays longer than 21 days. Longer guest stays allow for fewer turnover needs, which can reduce costs for upkeep between bookings.

Plus, Vrbo views Evolve as a thought leader in the industry, meaning we work together closely when new ideas are born — like implementing Vrbo site improvements to enhance the booking experience. Vrbo also shares travel trends with Evolve early and often, empowering us to make strategic shifts (when needed) to keep you ahead in a competitive landscape.

Benefits of Evolve and Google Vacation Rental’s Partnership

Given Google’s strong authority and visibility offerings, owners often wonder how to list on Google Vacation Rental. But this is a goal that cannot be achieved on your own. Owners must work with a company like Evolve to unlock access to Google travel bookers.

Plus, Google rewards professional photography and the use of search-friendly terms in your listing by prioritizing high-quality listings on their results page. Evolve handles both of these areas of expertise for you when we craft (and manage) your custom listing, so you’re set up to see results from the start.

Perks of Evolve and Expedia’s Partnership

When thinking about how to list on Expedia, this is another time you simply cannot DIY. You have to partner with an affiliate or property management company to tap into its audience. 

The good news? Our partnership with Expedia gives Evolve owners access to their more than 30 million monthly visitors.

There’s more: your listing may even be promoted across Expedia affiliates (think and Hotwire). This opens the door for even more eyes on your rental — which can lead to those coveted bookings — so you can see how this partnership really packs a beneficial punch.

Other Sites Where Evolve Lists Your Home

On top of the popular sites highlighted above, Evolve also partners with, Hopper Homes, HomeToGo, Zumper, HVN, VacationRenter, and others to get your home as much visibility as possible. We also promote qualifying properties on channels like Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy™

Of course, owners who work with Evolve always have their listing appear on, too. This gives you exclusive access to a dedicated community of eager travelers who, thanks to our unrivaled hospitality, trust Evolve with their booking. But we don’t stop there — we also market your property on search engines, social media, and to our private database of email subscribers to reach an even broader audience.

But what about listing site fees? They’re seamlessly worked into our revenue optimization strategy, so you can forget about those costs entirely.

Get Evolve’s Vacation Rental Channel Marketing & Management

While run-of-the-mill channel management tools can help with easing some of the administrative burden that comes with trying to list your vacation rental on multiple sites on your own, they can’t list everywhere we can — and they don’t provide the 10+ years of human oversight and expertise that we offer.

Evolve’s vacation rental channel marketing strategy can increase your visibility, provide access to a wide variety of travelers, and help you reach your highest income potential. It’s a core part of our management services that help owners earn more — and it’s all within reach for an industry-low fee that’s fully backed by our Risk-Free Guarantee

To get in on the action, simply fill out the form below so you can see just how beneficial maximizing your exposure with Evolve can be.

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