Vacation Rental Market Analysis: Panama City Beach, FL

The Evolve Team
The Evolve Team
March 8, 2023

Known for stunning white sand beaches and turquoise waters, Panama City Beach is a top destination for sunshine-seekers, families, and spring breakers. 

Each year, around 4.5 million people visit PCB for its variety of things to do and see, like St. Andrews State Park, Shell Island, and 27 miles of beautiful coastline. This draw is exactly what makes a Panama City Beach vacation rental investment worth exploring.

To help you understand the earning potential this vacation rental market presents, we created a free, downloadable vacation rental market analysis — perfect for potential buyers

Inside you’ll find: 

  • Rental income potential by property size
  • Average occupancy by property size
  • Average daily rate by property size
  • Average days booked in advance
  • Average length of stay
  • Vacation rental inventory by property size
  • Occupancy rate by month

The findings in this analysis are based on Evolve’s Panama City Beach market averages in the last 12 months and provide a general baseline for performance potential. They’re designed to help inform smart buying decisions when making a Panama City Beach vacation rental investment.

Download Our Complete Panama City Beach Vacation Rental Investment Analysis

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Why Panama City Beach Is a Great Place to Own Vacation Rental Property

From its sunny shoreline to family-friendly activities like Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Shipwreck Island Waterpark, Panama City Beach attracts families, couples, and solo travelers alike. This opens up interest for a wider guest pool — which, with the right investment property, can translate to more bookings and profit. 

The Panama City Beach high season picks up as spring breakers flock to the area, and remains steady until the end of summer, when school gets back in session. 

The median home price in the Panama City Beach real estate market currently sits around $496,000. That’s a bit higher than the national average, but investors can still find options above or below the median depending on the home size and level of work needed. The best news: prime beachfront real estate isn’t necessarily the most expensive; it all comes down to what a home has to offer.

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How Much Money Can You Earn with a Panama City Beach Vacation Rental?

With long seasons of guest demand, there’s serious earning potential in the PCB area. To get a better idea of what you can make with a Panama City Beach vacation rental investment, consider these important factors.

Property Size

Many PCB travelers seek properties that can accommodate their entire family — our data shows four-bedroom homes earn the most nights booked on average, while five-bedrooms have the potential to earn the most annual revenue. Just note: four- and five-bedroom properties make up a very small portion of inventory in the Panama City Beach rental market, so they may be harder to come by.

On the flip side, two- and three-bedroom homes come in not far behind their four-bedroom counterparts and see strong annual occupancy. Plus, they make up the majority of available inventory, so you may have an easier time breaking into the market with those property sizes.

Either way, with positive performance across property sizes, buyers can explore a variety of Panama City Beach vacation rental investment options with potential for success.

Property Location

Since Panama City Beach sits right on the Gulf, access to the ocean is key when evaluating investment opportunities. Look for beachfront homes, or properties a short walking distance away. You also want to keep proximity to popular nightlife activities in mind. PCB is a huge draw for spring break travelers, so it’s easier to win bookings if you’re close to entertainment options.

Curious about other investment options near surf and sand? Check out these best places to buy a beach house in the next year.

Property Amenities

Vacation rentals in Panama City Beach can ride a wave of five-star guest reviews by offering beach amenities like towels, chairs, and umbrellas. Having these at the ready for guests can help make their stay more seamless —and save room in their suitcase— making them more likely to rate your home highly (and possibly even come back for a return visit).

It’s also smart to champion PCB’s beautiful weather by investing in comfortable and updated outdoor spaces. A private pool, shaded lounge areas, and a grill for backyard cooking can all wow guests with private, resort-like hospitality.

And while getting outside and onto warm sand are often most important to Panama City Beach visitors, don’t forget to fill your home with the top amenities guests love no matter their location. Must-haves like WiFi, entertainment, and updated appliances — plus special touches like a welcome book or welcome gift — can help you lock in those top-notch reviews.

When you’re ready to take the next investment step, make your search easier by starting with vetted homes for sale.

Download Our Full Panama City Beach, FL Vacation Rental Market Analysis

Panama City Beach is a must-visit destination for millions of annual travelers looking for fun-in-the-sun. So whether you’re in the market for a new investment property or you want to turn your current home into a money-making asset, download our free Panama City Beach Area Vacation Rental Market Analysis today. It’s full of helpful insights, including:

  • Average daily rate by property size 
  • Expected seasonality in vacation rental demand
  • Average length of stay in high and low seasons
  • Inventory breakdown based on property size 

In the Panama City Beach real estate market, you can plant your toes in the sand and sip a cold drink while your investment property does the work for you. Use our free report to equip yourself with key industry knowledge and get on your way to earning passive income as a vacation rental owner.

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