Vacation Rental 101: The Expanded Ultimate Guide to Success

The Evolve Team
The Evolve Team
August 15, 2016

In 2015, we published the Ultimate Vacation Rental Success Guide.

“Ultimate” means it’s the best imaginable of its kind. The final word on the subject. And that’s just what the Ultimate Vacation Rental Success Guide was – when we published it.

But we’re starting to think that we have a few more words to contribute to the topic.

In fact, we’re sure we do. Which is why we’re launching a brand-new series on the Evolve Vacation Rental blog: Vacation Rental 101: The Expanded Ultimate Guide to Success.

We’re going to take our entire guide and break it down into bite-sized pieces, with detailed explanation of why and how each component contributes to the success of your vacation rental business.

If you’ve been struggling to get bookings, never ventured into active marketing, or just plain don’t know where to start, the expanded guide will give you everything you ever wanted to know about running a successful vacation rental.

Who Is This Guide For?

As you might imagine, the people who will most benefit from the Expanded Ultimate Guide are newcomers to vacation rental who don’t know where to begin.

But it’s also for longtime veterans of vacation rental who are finding it more difficult to compete in today’s marketplace.

It’s for the owners who have only been operating for two or three years and are ready to start putting a little more effort into improvements to their business.

It is, in short, for everyone at any phase of running a vacation rental business.

We start with the following assumption:

  • You have a second home.

That’s it. If you have a vacation property and you want to rent your home out to guests, this guide will work for you.

(Don’t own the property yet but are thinking of getting into vacation rental? We suggest starting with this article on How to Choose a Vacation Rental Investment Property, and coming back to this series when you’re ready to get your new property up and running.)

Where Can I See Previous Vacation Rental 101 Posts?

We’ll add them to this article as we write them! You can always come back and find previous articles in one handy place. Here are the ones we’ve written so far:

Vacation Rental 101: Insurance

Vacation Rental 101: Rental Agreement

Vacation Rental 101: Furnishing Your Rental

Vacation Rental 101: Kitchen and Pantry

Vacation Rental 101: Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Vacation Rental 101: Housekeeping

Vacation Rental 101: Property Maintenance

Vacation Rental 101: Guest Inquiries and Screening

Vacation Rental 101: Guest Check-Ins

Vacation Rental 101: Issue Resolution

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How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Miss an Article?

We’ve got a couple of options for you!

You can “Like” our Facebook page here. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see every new post in this series appear in your Facebook feed – and you can always go to our page to find any articles you may have missed.

If you want to be 100% sure not to miss anything, just download our Ultimate Vacation Rental Success Guide below. That gets you two things:

  • A free 35-page ebook that includes a short overview of almost every topic we’re planning to cover in depth in this series
  • Email updates every time we publish a new post in the series

The Ultimate Vacation Rental Success Guide has previously been the most information ever collected in one place about how to run a vacation rental.

We’re about to dive into each and every one of those topics to give you all our best tips and strategies, along with full explanation for why they work and what they do for your business.

We’ll even give options for owners who like to be fully hands-on, entirely hands-off, and everything in between.

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