Evolve Weapons Policy

All Evolve customers are entitled to a safe and secure vacation experience at any Evolve home. To help ensure safe stays and interactions, undisclosed and unsecured weapons are not allowed in any property on the Evolve platform.

Weapons Definition

Any mechanism firing a projectile, projectiles themselves, explosive/incendiary devices, and any other possession with the primary intent being to cause physical harm. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Standard firearm
  • Air gun
  • BB Gun
  • Ammunition
  • Imitation Firearms
  • Explosives

Permitted Items

Guests: With the exception of explosive or incendiary devices and assault weapons, a guest or any guest invitee may bring legally-owned and possessed weapons or non-lethal weapons only if safely secured for the entirety of the stay. Guests are responsible for understanding and complying with all laws and regulations.

Owners: Antique or decorative firearms used for decor only are permitted in your property provided that they are safely secured, disabled, and unloaded; any such weapons must also be disclosed in the listing. Please submit a request in your Owner Account to disclose any items to Evolve. Any other weapons are not permitted to be at your property at any time guests may be present.

Items Not Permitted

  • Explosive devices, incendiary devices, or assault weapons, regardless of whether or not they are legally owned
  • Undisclosed weapons, regardless of whether or not they are legally owned
  • Unsecured weapons, regardless of whether or not they are legally owned

Violations of this Policy

Owner violations of this policy may lead to suspension or termination of the involved property listing. Evolve will be entitled to collect its management fees and issue full refunds to travelers at the owner’s expense. 

Guest violations, including violations by any of your invitees, may lead to termination of a stay without refund and a future ban from travel with Evolve. 

Consequences may vary based on the severity and frequency of violations. In certain cases, Evolve may notify its partners or law enforcement of behavior that potentially threatens any person’s safety or violates applicable law.