How to Ensure a
Successful Photoshoot

It's a Big Day

Photos play a big role in helping guests decide whether to book your vacation home, so we’re happy to provide a professional photoshoot. The photographer will also treat it as a practice check-in, so it’s important to prepare as if your first guest is arriving.

More than Photography

Preparing for Your Practice Check-In

On shoot day, a vetted and trained Evolve photographer will capture images of the entire interior and exterior of your home. They’ll also conduct a practice check-in as if they were a guest, so everything needs to mimic the actual guest experience.


Thoroughly clean and stage your home before the shoot (this includes how guests will access the property). Photographers do not stage homes.   


The photographer will take photos of your home and validate that it is ready to host guests. 


If your property isn’t ready upon arrival, the photographer will cancel the photoshoot and you will be charged.

Free Checklist to Help Prepare

We’ve created a handy checklist to help you get your property ready for the shoot. Remember, everything must be 100% completed before you schedule your photoshoot, including any renovations, deliveries, maintenance, landscaping, painting, or decorating. This checklist will help you remember all the details, big and small, that make a successful photoshoot. 

The Day of the Shoot

The photoshoot and practice check-in typically take 1-2 hours total, depending on property size. You don’t need to be present for the whole shoot and we ask that you let the photographer lead the session. The photographer will need access to your home and all amenities, so let Evolve know how to access everything (or indicate who will be on-site that day to help).

Please contact your photographer directly if you need to reschedule your shoot.

How to Stage Your Property

Staging is one of the easiest ways to stand out in the crowd and increase your nights booked. Make your home as inviting as possible and highlight its best features. Here are some examples of staging with side-by-side comparisons to show the difference.

All Rooms:

  • Remove clutter and personal items

  • Open blinds and shades, and turn on all light sources (including fireplaces)

  • Turn off TVs and computer screens

  • Tuck cables and cords out of sight as much as possible

Bedrooms & Bathrooms:

  • Make sure all beds are made and blankets folded

  • Remove toiletries from the bathroom (exception: complimentary amenities)

  • Fold and arrange towels neatly

  • Lower toilet seats

Dining Room & Living Spaces:

  • Set the dining room table with dishware, glassware, silverware, and table linens

  • Add fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit to brighten a room (optional)

Outdoor Spaces:

  • Remove vehicles from property grounds

  • Close garage doors
  • Place trash and recycling bins out of view

  • Nicely arrange outdoor furniture

  • Remove anything that guests will not have access to

  • Pools and hot tubs: remove covers, turn off jets, and remove any debris, toys or pool cleaners

If you have any additional questions about your photoshoot, feel free to reach out to the photography team at [email protected] .