5 Reasons Not to Join Evolve

The Evolve Team
The Evolve Team
January 23, 2019

In the past, if you wanted to use your home as a short-term rental, you had just two options:

  1. You could do all the work yourself
  2. You could pay 25-50% to a property management service to handle everything

Now, there’s a third option. Evolve offers the marketing, booking, and management support you need, but gives you the freedom to choose your own local service providers all for just 10% per booking.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

We’ve already helped tens of thousands of owners earn billions in rental income. For many owners, Evolve is the best fit out there.

But for others, Evolve isn’t a fit at all. And that’s OK because we only succeed together when it’s a positive partnership. In fact, we want to help by sharing five reasons you shouldn’t partner with Evolve.

1. Short-Term Rental Isn’t Allowed in Your Area

Short and sweet: If short-term rental (defined as guests staying for 30 days or fewer) isn’t allowed in your area, Evolve isn’t the right management service for you.

We can only work with properties that comply with local regulations. In some locales, that means securing the necessary permits and/or collecting and remitting taxes to local governments. Other areas have no regulations at all, and some only allow short-term rentals certain times of the year.

Of course, this requires that you know your local regulations. So the first step in determining if Evolve is a good option for you is finding out if short-term rental is legal in your area.

You can get this information by searching online for the name of your town or municipality and “short-term rental regulation” or “vacation rental regulation.” Your local city hall employees should also be able to provide a complete list of regulations and required documentation.

2. You Don’t Want to Give Up Any Control

Experienced for-rent-by-owners who have been running a vacation rental for years might find it difficult to accept outside pricing recommendations and assistance with guest screening. If the idea of having someone else handle some of those responsibilities feels more like a threat than a relief, Evolve may not be the right option for you.

Homeowners that are a good fit for Evolve are open to suggestions and help, even if they have years of experience.

Many of our most successful homeowners see us as a second set of eyes because we’re able to spot opportunities for improvement. We also provide help with the time-consuming tasks like guest inquiries and pre- and post-stay communication.

If you’re open to help or you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to run a successful vacation rental – we might be a perfect match.

3. You Don’t Care About the Guest Experience

At the bare minimum, we require that all homes we work with are safe, clean, guest-ready, and as-advertised.

If you aren’t committed to keeping your property in good enough shape to guarantee a great guest experience, then you probably shouldn’t work with Evolve.

We work hard to match great travelers with great properties, and we depend on owners to hold up their end of the bargain by providing a place where guests can feel safe and comfortable.

Vacation rental is a hospitality business. Your competition isn’t just neighboring rentals, but also hotels and resorts. If you’re not willing to invest in the guest experience by fixing small issues or accommodating minor requests, and you’re not willing to hire someone who can help you with this either, you shouldn’t join Evolve.

4. You Have Unrealistic Expectations

If you have a property in a seasonal area like Cape Cod and you expect to pack your calendar all summer and winter long, you might not be a good fit for Evolve.

The same is true if you’re unwilling to budge on pricing because you’ve set your rates based on personal value rather than market value. A property might be worth $500 per night to you because you love it and have valuable memories there, but if you don’t get any bookings at that rate, you’re no further ahead.

You need to understand how seasonality and market value impact your area to set realistic goals. Otherwise, you’ll find it’s very difficult to achieve them, no matter who you work with.

Data is at the foundation of Evolve’s marketing strategies and management services. We’ve found that homeowners who understand the ebbs and flows in their markets are in the best position to optimize their strategies and outperform the competition.

5. Your Property Is a Private Room or a Timeshare

Evolve only handles traditional vacation rentals, which are standalone properties with their own entrance and their own kitchen and at least one bathroom (meaning we can’t work with private rooms). Mother-in-law suites and basement apartments are fine as long as they meet that criteria.

We also can’t accommodate timeshares because we invest heavily in marketing our properties and are unable to get a return on our investment when a property is only available for a week or two each year.

There are a few other types of properties we typically can’t work with:

  • Primary residences (Depends on the calendar availability)
  • RVs, mobile homes, and tent sites (We require that properties be fixed to the ground with a full kitchen and bathroom)
  • Homes that don’t have a full kitchen or kitchenette

We hope this has cleared up some of the questions about who shouldn’t work with Evolve (as well as an idea of who should!).

If you’re still curious about what we do and if it could work for you, review our services and browse through dozens of case studies featuring owners from across the country to hear real owner success stories.

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